What is a Pay Stub?

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What is a Pay Stub?

What is a Pay Stub?

Pay Stubs are the best way to provide proof of income. It is required that a pay stub be attached to the paycheck so that the payment details can be clarified in the event of an audit. In most cases, it’s just a small piece of paper that serves as proof of income and tax deductions. To ensure that workers get paid for a certain time, the employer must supply them with a paper like this.

Pay stubs must be kept by both the employer and the employee to maintain a legal working relationship and prove income when necessary.

Digital workflows have replaced paper papers in most businesses nowadays. Businesses prefer electronic forms for various documentation since they save both time and money. Workers can receive their pay stubs through email, fax, or even SMS from their superiors.

W-2 forms and Pay Stubs

Pay stubs can be quickly and easily made using an Online Pay Stub Generator Tool. Once you have access to the online paystub form, filling out the pay stub is easy. Numerous computations must be completed before you can begin. Form W-2, the IRS’s official pay and tax form, is what employers are required to submit to the agency. There are additional vital facts on your W-2 that include the amount of taxes withdrawn from your paycheck as well as other employer-sponsored benefits like health insurance or adoption and dependent care aid or contributions to a health savings account. When it comes to preparing your tax return, the information on your W-2 is critical. When calculating your pay, it would help if you considered your gross salary, deductions, and net pay.

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Gross Pay

It is the total of your earnings throughout a specified pay period. Individuals who work full-time have an easier time figuring this out because their income is more stable. As a self-employed individual, your gross profits will vary depending on the nature of your firm. 

Self-employed individuals who earn varying amounts of money for different assignments will see varying gross earnings on each paycheck. For example, you may make $5,000 in one month and $3,500 the following month. A pay stub is the most effective method of keeping track of your wages. 

Bear in mind that the gross compensation does not include any deductions. If you did not have taxes taken automatically from your paycheck, the amount you got is likely to be your gross compensation.


Anything deducted from your paycheck is referred to as a deduction. Payroll deductions are unusual among self-employed folks, and as a result, you’ll need to do the arithmetic to determine them. The most often claimed deductions are for Social Security and local and state taxes.

Consult the IRS Employer’s Tax Guide for information on the amount you must deduct from your employees’ wages. If you live in a specified location, you may not be required to deduct any local taxes.

Net Pay

After all, deductions have been made, and your net pay is the remaining balance. Earning $5,000 and having 14% of it taken out in taxes means your net salary is $4,300. Net pay should be the amount you receive in your paychecks if deductions are made automatically.

How can you verify the paycheck that you received when self-employed?

When you’re self-employed, you’re likely to receive payment in the form of a check or cash. You will still require documentation demonstrating that you were reimbursed for your job. While a paycheck verifies that you have received money, it does not show who you earned it from or what you earned it for.ย 

Paycheck stubsย include all important information about getting a paycheck, making them an effective method of demonstrating your source of income. A pay stub includes all of the information necessary to demonstrate your wages, from gross to net.

Numerous citizens have obtained loans of various types, including credit cards, mortgages, and school loans through a paycheck stub.

How many months of pay stubs to get a mortgage?

Typically, purchasing real estate requires securing a mortgage. To purchase a home, the lender will grant you money and, if you default on your payments, the lender will take the house as collateral. 

The income verification process can be made easier by taking a few recent paycheck stubs and submitting them to your lender. You may also need to include most recent W-2 form. Sometimes the lender may request a proof of income letter from your employer, particularly if you have changed jobs. 

Typically 30 daysโ€™ worth of pay stubs will cover for most standard refinances or purchases. To show that you have a 2-year work history, the IRS requires W-2s or business tax forms. In lieu of a full income tax filing, an annual letter from current and past employers may suffice.
If your income fluctuates, or your pay stubs do not show a year-to-date income, the lender may ask for more, maybe even all your pay stubs for the current year.

How many pay stubs for car loan?

Many people are familiar with the term “car finance.” Purchasing a car through finance is similar to taking out a loan to pay for a home. Lenders will now take collateral in the form of vehicles rather than houses. 

Car loans can be tricky. They require careful financial management and sometimes, it’s not easy to make those payments on time. That’s why the financier will want to take a closer look at your payment history & credit score before approving you, since they want to make sure that you’ll be able to manage your loan repayments. 

It’s best to carry over a six month pay stubs, with bank statements for the past year that show your earnings and expenditures. Depending on the lender’s requirements, they may ask for more financial information to be present. 

Many people do not have pay stubs but can still get claim benefits. You can also provide W-2 form, as an alternate.

Make a Paystub for Yourself

Using a pay stub generator instead of spreadsheet software to create a pay stub is always an option. Use an online pay stub generator to identify and customize a pay stub template quickly.ย 

Considering too many formatting concerns, online pay stub generator this process is much faster than using a spreadsheet tool. The one drawback is that you won’t have many possibilities for customizing the templates, but they will all appear polished.ย 

To demonstrate their earnings, everyone self-employed should begin generating pay stubs. Taking out loans and keeping track of your earnings are both made easier with a 1099 pay stub. Paycheck proof with a pay stub may be done in minutes, whether you utilize a generator or an application like Google Spreadsheets.ย 

Your pay and deductions must be calculated to complete the pay stub correctly. You’ll be able to print it and make additional copies for your records from there.

How to make free paystubs using Stubsondemand Paystub Generator

A pay stub is a document that shows how much money an employee has earned and how much money they have been deducted for taxes. It also includes the amount of money that the employer has paid to the employee.

Pay stubs are not required by law, but some states require them for unemployment benefits, child support, or other reasons.
Make a paystub freeย with stubsondemand paystub generator tool that allows you to create your own pay stubs in minutes.

A free pay stub generator can help you create a payroll stub without any charge. With this tool, you can generate your own printable paystubs for free in just minutes.
The company offers a free printable pay stub that includes federal and state tax withholding and deductions, gross wages, net wages, taxable earnings, social security tax withholding, medicare tax withholding, and other deductions. So make a paystub free online and get 5 stubs free on signup.

You can review our guide to paystub generation here:


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