Myths and Facts for Paycheck Stubs

Is it important to keep pay stubs from previous jobs? Pay stubs should be kept on file by both employers and workers. A pay stub has a lot of useful information on it, including tax and financial data. Workers may use this information to verify their income, pay their taxes, and make sure they are appropriately rewarded for their job. Pay stubs are much more critical for business owners. Pay stubs are required by law in some countries for a specific length of time. Pay stubs should only be kept for a certain amount of time as a business owner, not forever.

Making paycheck stubs in a matter of seconds is something we’re all happy about, but some people refuse to do it because of a few fallacies. I’ve done some study and have come up with a few conclusions and data that dispel any doubt. Continue reading and have a peek at them.

4 Check Stub Maker Myths to Dispel Now!

Myth 1: Customization is not possible.

FactPay Stub Templates are available for customizing pay stubs.

There’s a common misconception about online paystubs: that customers don’t have a choice in paystub forms and must go with the defaults. When you use our paycheck stub creator to create paycheck stubs, you’ll have a variety of pay stub forms to choose from. Distinct business requirements need different check stub styles with notable formatting.

Myth 2: A pay stub is something you need to prove your employment.

Fact: Paycheck stubs are readily available.

There may be sites that only use a flag to attract customers, but at, we have a special offer for each new customer to profit from paycheck stubs.

Offer for new customers: Unlimited Paystubs for just $29.95 per month

Customers are taking advantage of this deal across the US. Check our reviews to see whether we’re spreading the word or if this is real. We give the first stub for $4.95 to each new client.

Myth 3: Online pay stubs might be fake at times.

Fact: Online pay stubs are adequate as an indication of earnings.

Be certain that you may use your online pay stub as your income statement everywhere necessary when you create an online pay stub. No matter what you’re doing – renting a property, applying for a loan, or getting a credit card – many individuals use online paystubs. The opposite party will have everything they need to know about it, so you don’t have to worry about it being accepted at the key juncture.

Myth 4: Only businessmen are able to generate online pay stubs.

Fact: Anyone can make a pay stub on the internet.

Check stub creators aren’t just for business people, despite what some people believe. Anyone may use them. The online paystub generator is available to anybody needing one. In addition, pay stubs may be produced with the same precision for employees and temporary workers, so freelancers can use pay stub online whenever and wherever they choose.

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