How to tell if a Pay Stub is real or fake

How to tell if a Pay Stub is real or fake

How to tell if a Pay Stub is real or fake

Now that it’s warming up, people are going to start planning their summer vacations. For many, that means taking out a loan. Unfortunately, a rise in loan applications means a rise in phony check stubs. Phony pay stubs cost you a ton of money and time. If you provide a loan to someone that uses that money for criminal activity, you could even get into trouble for not doing your due diligence. Being able to tell if a check stub is real or fake is essential to combat several types of fraud.

Creditors use check stubs to verify income when filing taxes, to apply for credit, to correct any payment errors, and much more. While most people are honest, it’s essential to keep your information safe, especially if someone is trying to take advantage of you.

Research shows that around 80 percent of all fraudulent loans were due to income misrepresentation. But, there are several methods on how to decipher a real check stub from the fraudulent ones. Is your check stub real or fake? How to spot the difference People lie about all types of things for several reasons. But in the end, the reasons why people do such things should be the least of your worries.

The goal is to be able to tell if you come across a fake check stub. Check out these methods that will help you weed out fake pay stubs to protect yourself from scammers.

Contact their current and previous employers

One of the fastest ways to weed out honest people from the scam artists is to ask them if you can give their employer a call. If they refuse to let you call their employer, then it’s likely you have a false pay stub. If someone gives you a fake pay stub, it’s likely that they’ve given you false employment information as well.

Sometimes you’ll receive a check stub from an independent contractor. These customers may have used a site like The Paystubs to create a check stub for income verification purpose, but they’ll have no problem giving you the correct income verification information.

Make sure they include all their information

Knowing how to edit a pay stub and what goes into one will help you when it comes to spotting fake check stubs. You’ll recognize if anything is missing- like gross pay, social security taxes, and other deductions as well as any misspellings. If you have come across any of the above, then the pay stub is fake.

Ask For a Bank Statement to Verify Income

Plenty of scammers will not only give you a fake pay stub, but they’re crafty enough to get a friend to provide you with fake employment verification. The best way to get around this situation is to ask for a current bank statement. Not only will this give you valuable information on all withdrawals and deposits, but it can verify any deposits that an employer made.

Double check every number

Use a calculator to check if all the numbers add up. Make sure that you calculate the person’s earnings and deductions that are on their check stubs. Real paystubs will not have any basic math errors.

Make sure all your decimal points add up

Make sure that all your zeros and decimal points are in the right place for the dollars. Professional accounting software will make sure that every number aligns and that each decimal point is in the right place. Anything that is out of sorts is a good indicator that you’ve received one of several fake check stubs.


Making a fake pay stub only takes a few minutes to complete, so you need to take caution when you’re dealing with them. Focus on the information you have and double check everything to make sure that the information you have is legit. Attention to detail is the best way to figure out whether a check stub is real or fake. Do you want more information on ways to protect your business? Keep up with the local and national news here to learn about new methods scammers are using to take advantage of businesses.

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